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Summer activities in Val Thorens

The highest adventure road of Europe

Val Thorens offers each summer to vacationers of more than 12 years old an original, pleasant and unforgettable activity : an air road at more than 2400 metres.

Footbridge of Caron, bridge Tibetan, passage of frogs, fireplace of Sts-fathers, levels of Thorens, climbing wall, stirrups of Peclet, tube of Belleville, lianas of the siskins, big Tyrolean by quoting only the name of 15 studios which compose the road of the " adventurers of the Lake of Frogs ", the doubt is not any more allowed.

The strong sensations will indeed be for the meeting on this exceptional site of the Lake of Frogs offering the beauty of the mountain and the summits still covered with snow in reflection on the lake.

The adrenalin is present from the beginning of the road with a crossing of the lake on a floating bridge consisted of tins, then we reach the first studios proposing the crossing of a bridge formed by a net in the form of V.

The progress in the forest of stirrups of Peclet, the climb in the fireplace of Sts-fathers in the form of tube, etc. while being secured by belts and a life line presents all along the route.

Every studio of an average length of 20 metres requires capacities and different techniques. Down from the final footbridge installed in 2450 metres in height, each can dash feet in the space on the Tyrolean of the end of road 40 metres long.

We so end the road in beauty by the flying over the lake of Frogs.

Open from Sunday till Friday from 9.00AM to 6.00PM

Infos : Val Thorens Guide's office

Tél : +33 (0)4 79 01 04 15

Parcours aventure Val Thorens


Reach easily magnificent descents and rides in mountain bike, of the easiest to the most vertiginous.

Saint Martin - Menuires - Val Thorens " Space out MOUNTAIN BIKE / FFC " (label of the French Federation of Cycling).

21 roads of any levels, that is 120 km, are drawn and signposted. Situated near resorts and near village of Holy Martin, along torrents, in side of mountain, or on crests, they cross the whole Valley of Belleville.

The fixed price " Evasion 3 Valleys " allows you to use the skilifts of the Valley of Belleville (Saint Martin, Menuires, Valley Thorens), as well as those of the Valleys of Meribel and Courchevel.

A map indicating the pedestrian routes and MOUNTAIN BIKE is proposed in Tourist information offices, to the Guide's Office and in the businesses.

For your security, watch to choose your routes according to your technical level and inquire with the professionals.


Strolls and family rides

The immense spaces of the valley are an invitation with long walking(stairs) or with hikes(rides) of any level.

A multitude of paths winds in the wild valleys connecting villages and hamlets, among which some are accessible only by roads.

Always higher and effortlessly, each can reach belvederes thanks to the skilifts and admire magnificent panoramas.

Big rides and high mountain

Peaking in the Needle of Peclet (3561 metres in height), the Valley of Belleville offers in the most hardened by the walkers a whole variety of circuits.

The guides of the Valley propose you their exits(releases) high mountain.

To the program: glacial hike(ride) over Valley Thorens, including running(race) harms in refuge, ascent of the most famous summits of Vanoise.

Infos : guides-belleville@orange.fr


In a mountain frame(executive), the refuge of Gittamelon offers its goat's cheese, its honey harvested in the Valley and for evening in high mountain pasture in the corner of the fire, its specialities.

Tel : +33 (0)4 79 08 91 46

The refuge of the Lake du Lou offers drinks, meals, specialities and overnight stays.

Tel : +33 (0)4 79 08 91 46

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